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Clipper Darrell Won’t Bow to King James. But He Wants To

LOS ANGELES — Darrell Bailey braced himself.

The first volley of smack talk hit him after only a few steps. It came from men in purple Lakers T-shirts. “Clipper Darrell!” yelled one. “We got LeBron, baby! We got LeBron! We gonna win championships, Clipper Darrell! How you like that?”

‘They Saw the Future.’ Clipper Darrell Relishes Kawhi Leonard, Paul George Blockbuster

Clippers superfan Darrell Bailey is beyond excited about what the future holds for his beloved franchise. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George bring excitement and joy to the team in a way that he has never experienced.

‘Clipper Darrell’ trolls Lakers at meager protest

The Los Angeles Lakers’ franchise has fallen on hard times, and nobody has delighted in seeing it more than Clipper Darrell.
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