‘They Saw the Future.’ Clipper Darrell Relishes Kawhi Leonard, Paul George Blockbuster

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LAS VEGAS — Part of the charm of Summer League is the bizarre intimacy baked into the event. With so many lulls in competitive play, the Thomas & Mack Center can quickly bounce between deafening chants for Tacko Fall, and dead air ripe for shouting at the All-Stars sitting courtside. A break in the first quarter of Saturday’s Lakers-Clippers game brought one of those silences, and Darrell Bailey took his shot at The King. He did not miss.

“I’m coming for you, LeBron!” Bailey shouted at James, his voice echoing from across half court to the baseline. James could only shake his head, a wide grin stretching across his face. Clippers head coach Doc Rivers chuckled from the opposite sideline. Signing Kawhi Leonard and simultaneously trading for Paul George will do that to a man tasked with leading their huddles.

The league’s newest superpower naturally dominated the conversation on UNLV’s campus Saturday afternoon. The confluence of both a literal earthquake postponing all of Friday night’s remaining contests in the Thomas & Mack Center and the Clippers’ volcanic late-night transactions created another “Where were you when?” NBA moment. One executive said his staffers were kicked off a craps table for disrupting gameplay with incessant phone use. They were all following the news as it unfolded on Twitter.


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