About me

Who is he? He is Darrell Bailey, the number one Clipper Fan. He is known to many of his fellow season ticket holders and many NBA fans around the world as Clipper Darrell. He is a fixture at Clipper home games, and many away games. His total consecutive home game attendance is 386. Clipper Darrell has been keeping busy with increasing interview demands, appearances, and various charity events. He has already been interviewed on AM 1540 The Ticket, AM 570 KLAC, AM 710 ESPN, Power 106 Big Boy in the Morning, and KROQ 106.7 Kevin & Bean’s show, as well as appearances on ESPN First Take, KABC TV’s Sports Zone with Rob Fukzaki, and The Sports Report with Fred Roggin.

How he became a Clipper fan

Darrell was working for a guy who eventually fired him. The guy looked him in his eyes and told him that he would never be anything in life without him. Darrell went home feeling sorry for himself. He sat on the couch, turned on the TV and the Clipper game came on. The announcers ridiculed the organization but after watching a poor display of basketball Darrell decided he was going to be a Clipper fan and said to himself, “This is going to be my team and we are going to ride and die together!”

Best experience as a fan

Darrell went to the airport to wish the team good luck before playing Phoenix in the second round of the playoffs. Mr. Sterling, (owner of the Clippers), ask if he was going to the game. Darrell told him yes and that he was driving over with a few friends. Mr. Sterling asks if he would like to ride on the team flight. Darrell was shocked. Next thing you know Clipper Darrell is on the plane.

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