sterlingandmagicTMZAt a time when Clipper fans are looking forward to our first championship ever with an incredible team and coach. I am deeply saddened in hearing this disturbing information. To know that the man responsible for putting me on the team plane to attend a playoff game in 2006 didn’t like Black people at his games is upsetting. Furthermore, to disrespect a legend like Magic Johnson who has dedicated his career to unite people, is a travesty, And now for me personally it all makes sense for the unjust treatment I’ve experienced behind the scenes from Clipper Management. My ability to fully function as Clipper Darrell was tainted a few years ago by the same group of people who made me out to be this money hungry individual. I’ve shown through my loyalty as a fan and my community involvement that was clearly not the case. There is no place in sports for any form of bigotry or racism, especially from an owner of a professional team. This revelation has a profound negative impact on everyone. The question I have “What do you do when you love a team but Dislike the organization?” Clipper Darrell

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