OMG!!! Chivas USA divorces Chivas Mexico!!!

Press conference quotes: Jorge Vergara

                Chivas USA’s co-owner held a press conference Tuesday to talk about the future of the club

On why he and Angelica Fuentes decided to take full control of Chivas USA:

There was a divorce between Chivas USA and Chivas Mexico. They stopped using the resources and the knowledge that Chivas Mexico had to offer. One example is that I offered Chicharo [Javier Hernandez]  to Preki for one season and he declined it saying that he wasn’t good enough.

We believe in the project, we believe in MLS and we’re certain of the success the team will have in MLS and the league but the past few years have been unsuccessful.

We started this project with Chivas USA a couple of years ago and these past years, it’s gone out of the road we thought it would go. Angelica and I decided to buy out the remaining half because of this. We wanted to make this dream come true and once again, we have that chance. This is a challenge, but we take on it with a lot of excitement.

We didn’t invest in the club for nothing. We know what we can do and that we can get to where we want it to go. I believe this is going to be a better opportunity for us to start at zero and build ourselves up.

On why the club has not been able to stand-out:

We understand the different situations that took the team into the wrong direction. We’re going to choose the coaching squad; we’ve already began the process with Johan Cruyff and the Dutch consultants to create a team of leaders that identify the team’s cultures. Considering that Chivas USA is a team of a mix of cultures; from Hispanic immigrants, Mexicans, Colombians, Salvadorans, etc. and we want to create a factor of success in the unity of cultures and identification with those cultures. We are going to recreate Chivas USA as an extension and success for Chivas fans in the United States.

We can’t be any worse. The team has broken all records; from most goals received to longest losing streak. A member of the community told me earlier this morning that seeing Chivas USA on the field was like waking up with a different wife every morning because Chivas didn’t use the same line-up for more than one game.

On the team’s past performances:

They [Chivas USA] tried to imitate the style of play from other MLS teams; they played more physical, the qualities of the US players and they forgot to use the technical advantage and speed of Hispanic players. We didn’t play like they do in the US, or Mexico and the failure of that is in this last season.

Who’s choosing the team’s next coach:

A decision will be made based on the necessities of Chivas USA. With their [Dutch consultants] profound knowledge in soccer, and the administrative and marketing support from us, we’ll find our right coach.

On the development of Chivas USA’s Youth Academy:

All changes are for the club, as well as Youth Academy. What we’re doing in Mexico and with the Dutch group, we’re going to implement it here. We need to improve our scouting in the American market; we haven’t done that very well. There is many unfound talent and we need to pull them into Chivas, make them believe in the project, develop programs like ‘ChivaBarrio’ that count with over 20,000 low-income children and we adapt that here in the United States.

How often fans will get to see Vergara in Los Angeles:

Fans will see me a lot more in Los Angeles, we’re going to make this our second home. There will definitely be more involvement on our part.

On the team’s future in LA:

There has been various cities that have offered us a home, specifically one in Texas. But it’s clear why we chose Los Angeles. In the beginning, we paid an extra fee to be in Los Angeles and that’s where we remain. This is where we have our fan base and we’re not moving. We have the advantage in Chivas USA of having many nationalities; we can promote players of other nationalities, which by the way, is already happening.

Soccer wise, it’s simple. We need the team to perform on the field, play spectacularly and most importantly, get the wins, be the champion. Our goal is that in the next two years, we get to the MLS Cup final and grow from there.


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