Read what 49ers Hoops has to say about my visit to L.B.State

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Clipper Darrell’s Long Beach State complimentary season tickets


Clipper Darrell and Casper Ware
By: Jason Aula
Published:11/13/2011On Saturday, the Walter Pyramid had an electric environment, not only because it was homecoming or that there were over 4,300 people in attendance. Clipper Darrell, Clippers Fan # 1 famous for rooting for the Clippers well rocking a fly red and blue suit was in attendance to my surprise. Not only was Clipper Darrell very energetic, but also he was rocking a black and gold suit.

Clipper Darrell was kind of enough to give me an interview with him this evening by phone. Clipper Darrell told me what led him to Long Beach State initially was a tweet he sent out volunteering to attend college games due to the NBA lockout.  I asked him how Long Beach State Athletics has treated him in comparison to the Clippers.  Clipper Darrell stated, ” Honestly I’m gonna tell ya though, the VP of marketing thanked me and made me feel right at home, I felt a little nervous, but he just told me, do my thing”. For those who do not know the Clippers have made some poor PR moves with Clipper Darrell and have undervalued his spirit and contributions as Clipper Fan #1. Clipper Darrel said it felt a little different chanting for the black and gold, but the world class treatment by fans and the athletic department is what will be bring Clipper Darrell back.

Clipper Darrell also told me is a fan of Casper Ware’s tremendous play and anticipates Casper Ware making the jump to the next level. Clipper Darrell told me had tried camping out at the Staples Center in protest of the NBA lockout, but was not allowed to camp due to AEG giving him the boot from Staples Center at night.

Long Beach State Basketball is clearly a program on the rise. With Clipper Darrell, temporary expansion of the Walter Pyramid may need to be considered for the long term. Attendance and program interest is higher then pass years by far. If the 49ers can pull off some upsets in the coming weeks, they could even be an AP top 25 team. Clipper Darrell will be back for the next home game and so should you especially if you were not able to make it to homecoming.

Go Beach!

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