Why did they say that?

Someone on twitter said this about me ….Should I be worried? ……this is the quote “This might sound mean but I wish the knife guy would of taken Clipper Darrell‘s life. Lol ok it does sound mean. Oh well”

This has never happen to me all I do is cheer for a team that I love and to have someone say this about you is scary.


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3 Responses to Why did they say that?

  1. Steve says:

    I was lucky enough to be given 2 tickets to the Clipper vs Suns game. I was also lucky that these seats were right next to Clipper Darrell. It’s too bad he can’t take some of his energy and bottle it. This guy would be an instant millionaire. Anyone that makes bad or rude comments about this guy, has a problem with themselves.

  2. Avi Young says:

    Yo Darrell, I met you at the yardhouse last saturday after the cleveland game. They are talking out of their ass for some attention on twitter. Don’t worry yourself with that, your car is sick by the way.

  3. Sushí GarciaParra says:

    “If you’re hated, you’re doing something right.”
    Don’t let that twitter comment bring you down, fuel it towards your enthusiasm.



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