My EMOTIONS got the best of me

I first want to apologize to EVERYONE for the misunderstanding regarding my seating on Wednesday night it was a misunderstanding on my part and in no way any fault of the Clipper Organization and I have removed all posts in regard to this issue.

Because I’m so emotionally involved with the Clippers I dealt with the issue on an emotional level rather than a professional ONE.

The Clipper Organization has always supported me over the years and now, that this has been resolved I will and always will be part of Clipper Nation and will continue to support the Clipper Organization by attending all games as I have over the past 10 years.

I thank everyone for their support, when I say LA, you say CLIPPERS…….LA!!!!!

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1 Response to My EMOTIONS got the best of me

  1. PZA says:

    You’re the best! You still deserve to receive at least 10% of the love you’ve shown the Clippers from the organization itself. I’m a bigger fan of Clipper Darrell than I am of the Clippers!!

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