Clippers 115 Knicks 124

Now everyone knows who Blake Griffin is now …He is my MVP

Blake had a MVP night along with my main man Eric USA Gordon but until they can win again high scoring means nothing to them

When you talk with players most of them will tell you I will turn in all my individual achievements to win that one dream “CHAMPIONSHIP”

I am soo proud of Blake because of his work ethic on and off the court ….keep up the good work Blake ..hard work does pay off

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1 Response to Clippers 115 Knicks 124

  1. Paul Reibson says:

    I saw those two Blake Griffin dunks and they were both nasty. I especially like the one where he used Timothy Mozgov’s head to balance himself as he dunked it nasty but the one where he made Danilo Gallinari forget where he was was an awesome dunk too. LAC ALL DAY!!!!

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