• November 20,2010
  • VIP Check-in and parking – 5:30 pm
  • Clippers Hats or Shirts and GAMETIME programs
  • Pre-Game dinner and beverages in Chairman’s Room next to private locker rooms – 5:30-7:30 buffet dinner and beverages.
  • Q&A/Chalk Talk with an assistant coach – 6:20 pm
  • Photo opportunity with members of the Spirit Dance Team – 6:45 pm
  • On-Court free throw shooting contest and group photo on the court – 7:00 pm
  • Lower level group tickets for the game: Section 108 – 7:30 pm
  • go to facebook.com/flatratemoving
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  1. sam rhodes says:

    i deserve those tix because as a loal clipper fan i feel like me bringing my spirit can help them win a game! go clips!

  2. Kara Yamashita says:

    I think I deserve these tickets because I am a big big Clipper Fan and it’s my hubby’s birthday that day!!!

  3. Alejandrina Flores says:

    My husband is a big clipper fan and because of our financial situation he has not been able to go to a clipper game since we got married. He really deserves this, he is a great husband and father, sacrifices a lot for his family.

  4. Paul Reibson says:

    Much love for the Clippers. Those tickets would be great to have because my wife and myself have loved the Clippers dating back to the Ken Norman and Danny Manning Benoit Benjamin era. The Clippers may not win the most amount of games but they are LA’s real true team. This organization gives back to its fans and shows real heart by signing autographs, donating to charitable organizations, and helping out those in the local LA area. My daughter wife and I watch the Clippers religiously. And although the Clippers may have started slow this year this team is young and moves like a young child learning to walk. Eventually this team will run and Clipper Nation will run with them all the way to the NBA Championship. And that one NBA Championship will be greater than any laker one. The Clippers are the real team of LA and I would love to root them on courtside. GO CLIPPERS AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!

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